During this time of uncertainty, web based systems for medication dispensing can help healthcare providers effectively dispense and deliver medication to patients.

Medication dispensing may be more crucial now than ever, as today’s ongoing crisis is revealing an increased need for effectively sourced and secure means to dispense medication.  Our existing healthcare system will be inevitably strained as COVID-19 continues to make its path through the world and given stringent ongoing and future lockdown measures and transportation woes, patients will require easier access to lifesaving medication, including prescription drugs for chronic conditions.

However, many clinics and doctors worry about the complications and overhead costs of implementing an effective medication dispensing system within their offices. While it might seem like a sharp increase in responsibilities and management issues, the reality is that there are easy-to-use web based systems for medication dispensing that allow clinics to drastically cut down on the time they spend communicating with pharmacies about patient scripts, while providing clinics with the means to begin dispensing repackaged medication immediately without any overhead costs, ridiculous learning curves, or significant waiting periods.

There are many benefits to picking web solutions for medication dispensing over a desktop application/software. Given the urgency of the crisis we find ourselves in, widespread applicability and ease-of-use constitute as priorities when picking healthcare solutions.

What Sets Web Based Systems Apart?

Web based systems for medication dispensing, like any other web based application, reaps the benefits of being disconnected from the need for specific operating systems, platforms, or hardware. When building a web app, developers do not have to account for the specifications of the machine they must program for, as the application will run on a browser, regardless of what the customer is using to load said browser.

Web based systems almost always require an internet connection (some can offer limited functionality through an offline version) while desktop applications can provide full functionality without the internet, but medication dispensing in general must rely on an effective and responsive internet connection to properly manage requests for additional medication and to dispense medication, the connectivity issue a moot point. This is further reinforced by the fact that a web connection is needed to provide and integrate with EHR.

On the other hand, web based systems provide a host of benefits particularly for physicians and clinics looking to get started on implementing medication dispensing quickly:

No Installation Required and No More Updating

The biggest immediate benefit to using a web based medication dispensing system is that customers must simply log themselves into the web app through their browser, and can immediately access the newest and most reliable version of the system without waiting for any downloads, installations, or updates.

No precious time is wasted downloading and installing weekly or monthly changes, and clinics don’t have to worry about the costs or logistics of downloading and installing new software on multiple machines. Instead, the very same web based dispensing system can be accessed across multiple devices, as long as the physician and their staff save their access information.

Fewer Hardware and Software Compatibility Issues

One of the central benefits of a web based app is that it can be run on nearly any hardware or software that supports the browser the app is being accessed through. For most apps, this even includes mobile devices, as well as older hardware.  Operating systems are also largely irrelevant, as all modern operating systems on phones and computers alike let you run most major web browsers.

This means you do not need to worry about hardware or software compatibility issues, and you don’t need to download or install different applications for Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, and/or Windows. In fact, as mentioned previously, you don’t need to download or install anything.

All Patient Data is Secured

This one is particularly important, due to the strict privacy laws and moral considerations regarding patient data, and the importance of preserving anonymous patient data for the use of life-saving research, while ensuring that patients do not need to fear that their information is being commercialized or used for any malicious or unauthorized purposes.

When entering patient data into a web based medication dispensing system for the purposes of tracking patient medication intake and ensuring the lawful and healthful use of medication, all data is securely stored in the web, where it is encrypted.

Simplified Support and Implementation 

Web based application developers can also provide quick support for customers without needing you to do much on your part – no need to call in an IT guy to troubleshoot software or hardware compatibility issues, firewall problems, or other issues that often might arise on your part.

Through Proficient Rx, your source of repackaged medications and easy-to-use medication dispensing solutions, you can begin distributing medications to your patients as quickly as possible, without a hefty overhead. Our free-based application helps clients immediately implement the systems needed to:

  • Accurately track and dispense life-saving medication
  • Keep an eye on their inventory
  • Better manage their patients’ health

We at Proficient Rx provide FDA-approved repackaged generic, brand, and OTC pharmaceuticals, as well as the means to begin distributing them from the comfort of your own office.

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