Service Features

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    Dispense, order, and track directly from your point of care

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    DEA and FDA-approved repackaging facility

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    Physician Dispensing Solutions for Brand, generic, and OTC pharmaceuticals

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    Suitable for virtually every type of licensed
    healthcare provider

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    Live customer support

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Our clinic sees a high volume of Worker’s Compensation patients. With the help of Proficient Rx we added In-Office dispensing to our clinic. They have been very helpful with the setup process and provided excellent training for the dispensing software. We have already seen an increase in our revenue and our patients have commented on how nice it is to receive their medications at the time of their visit rather than waiting at the pharmacy.
Jessica C., Physiatrist, Chattanooga, TN
The addition of In-Office dispensing to our practice has been great. Not only are the patients happy with the products and service, the practice benefits financially with little additional work.
Mark B., Podiatrist, Philadelphia, PA
Proficient Rx has greatly helped our office increase revenue with their Worker’s Compensation program and tailoring a formulary specific to our needs.
Eric C., Orthopaedic Surgeon, Homestead, FL
I highly recommend Proficient Rx! Our orders are shipped to us promptly, customer service is excellent and the software is user friendly.
Melissa F., Nurse Practitioner, New Albany, OH
The dispensing software is easy to use and the staff at Proficient Rx is very friendly. My patients are happier due to the time saved by not having to go to a pharmacy to pick up their medications.
Elizabeth R., Family Physician, Burbank, CA
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Transitioning to in-office dispensing with Proficient Rx has been a seamless process. They have been very patient in answering any questions my staff and myself have had and are ready to assist in any way.
Bill P., Urgent Care Practice Administrator, Chicago, IL
The customer service at Proficient Rx has been wonderful. Their staff is very knowledgeable and helpful.
Sandy M., Pediatrician, Atlanta, GA