Pharmaceutical dispensing software can help private practices and physicians keep track of medication they have provided to their patients via direct dispensing, as well as manage their inventory of essential drugs and common medication.    

An effective pharmaceutical dispensing software is easy to use, secure, intuitive, and provides seamless basic functionality, especially in ordering medication, managing existing inventory, managing patient data, printing labels, and simplifying recordkeeping for the DEA and state authorities.   

There are state-specific rules on how and when medication can be distributed at the point of care, and in some states, physicians are greatly restricted in their ability to sell repackaged drugs to patients. But wherever applicable, direct dispensing is best implemented alongside a modern, continuously updated, and heavily supported pharmaceutical dispensing software.   

What is Pharmaceutical Dispensing?   

Pharmaceutical dispensing, direct dispensing, or physician dispensing describes the sale of medication from within a doctor’s office. While doctors obtain the licensed ability to prescribe medication throughout the country, the sale of medication from within a private practice or hospital is a little different.   

Some states allow physicians to sell medication if they seek registration with the local state board of pharmacy. Other states set strict limits on what can and cannot be distributed at the point of care. Being in the know on what your state’s legislation is surrounding physician dispensing is an important first step to implementing it in your own practice.   

Why bother? Because of the numerous benefits of managing pharmaceutical dispensing. Being able to not just recommend but offer the medication at the point of care greatly improves ease of access, especially for patients with limited time, patients with limited mobility options, or patients in rural areas.   

A doctor can not only diagnose and treat their patient but reduce time-to-treatment by providing the first dose immediately. For patients worried about the stigma surrounding their condition, being able to confidentially receive medication at the doctor’s office may be preferable to visiting a public pharmacy.   

For physicians themselves, a direct dispensing program offers an additional source of income.  

Additional sources of income that come at a great benefit to patients, providing better care, greater access to life-saving medications, and a wider range of options, is a win-win in any scenario.   

And last but not least, it simply expands the options a patient can have when buying medication. There is never any pressure on patients to procure their treatment from a doctor’s office, nor is it even incentivized. Let’s take a look at some of the other benefits of pharmaceutical dispensing.   

Patient Convenience   

It seems like an inconsequential benefit, but patient convenience is a huge selling point. Even in the face of a pandemic, it is important not to forget that healthcare is a customer-facing industry, and customers have been expecting more convenience from the healthcare industry for years.  

Offering pharmaceutical dispensing can improve patient convenience by removing the extra step of taking a trip to the pharmacist for many patients who value their time over the potential additional cost of buying medication at the point of care.   

Furthermore, they can directly consult their physician on how to utilize and apply their treatment or ask questions at the point of care without waiting in line or facing the prospect of discussing personal medical details in front of other waiting customers.   

Better Care and Better Outcomes   

Patient convenience is an important selling point, but it should never come at the cost of patient outcomes or quality care. Thankfully, pharmaceutical dispensing helps improve patient care. Direct dispensing can have a significant impact on medication adherence and help patients who might otherwise not ask enough questions or forget to buy their medication finally get the care they need.   

Some patients might not be able to afford treatment. By being upfront about treatment costs and medication expenses with their doctor at the point of care, they may be able to find alternatives together, from generic drugs to recommendations for another treatment option.   

Finding a Partner to Work with for Pharmaceutical Dispensing  

A pharmaceutical dispensing software can take the headache out of implementing and managing a direct dispensing program in your practice while smoothing the transition into direct dispensing for your staff. However, a poorly designed software can not only present you with more problems than it’s worth, but it can actively get in your way.   

You will want to partner with a company that has a rock-solid reputation, enough client and customer experience to offer a qualitative review of their software, and years of experience in the field of pharmaceutical dispensing.   

Proficient Rx specializes in providing effective solutions to private practices and hospitals looking to implement direct dispensing into their program. Our web-based pharmaceutical dispensing software helps physicians and other healthcare professionals be more efficient with their time, and their patients’ time.   

turnkey software solution  

All you need are the proper credentials to log onto our secure web-based software, and you can begin managing your inventory and stock, tracking, and ordering, all from your browser. Our support team helps you through the step-by-step process of getting acquainted with our program and implementing it into your day-by-day.   

We provide clients with repackaged FDA-approved generic and branded medication, managed, and packaged in our state-of-the-art facility. Through our pharmaceutical dispensing software, you get to control exactly how much you need, when you need it, and for whom.   

This makes record-keeping for state-specific and DEA dispensing laws easy and convenient, without violating any HIPAA-related patient privacy concerns. Keep patient data safe, improve patient outcomes through point-of-care drug availability, and deal with less paperwork than ever before. Contact us today to learn more about how direct dispensing works, and how our software can help your practice grow to its fullest potential.   

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