In Office Medication Dispensing Benefits

In office dispensing of prepackaged medications is a safe way to provide added convenience to patients while improving healthcare and driving additional revenue for the practice.

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Prepackaged Medication

Proficient Rx offers point-of-care prepackaged medication and
medication dispensing programs for virtually every type of licensed
healthcare provider.

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Prepackaged Medication Dispensing Software - Proficient Rx
Web Based Software for Medication Dispensing - Proficient Rx

Web Based Medication Dispensing System

Customers can manage, order, track and dispense medications directly from their computer.

Our web based medication dispensing system facilitates compliance by allowing customers to manage, order, track and dispense medications directly from their computer. A simple internet connection provides all medication information and up-to-date, accurate pricing. Our proprietary, web-based solution allows medications to be dispensed in only a few clicks.

Some of our web platform features include:

Turnkey Medication Dispensing

Practices maintain inventory of their most commonly
prescribed prepackaged meds; typically purchasing no more
than a two week supply.

Offer your patients prepackaged medication on site instead of writing a script and patients waiting at their local pharmacy for it to be filled.

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Work Comp, PIP/MVA Dispensing

For your Work Comp, PIP/MVA let our extensive capital and expertise in billing, collections and lien work increase your profitability and revenues.

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Dispense Medication Directly to Your Patients.

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