Repackaging & Labeling

Proficient Rx offers bottling solutions for solid-dose products: tablets, capsules, caplets, soft gels and gel caps.

Our services include purchasing all of the components, including a broad selection of bottle sizes and resins, CRC or dispenser caps with induction seals, and digital or screen-printed labels with serialization, if required. We can run batches as small as 100 up to 1 million units. This enables us to meet our customers’ needs regardless of their size and requirements.

Our bottling capabilities include:
  • Controlled-environment clean rooms
  • Custom batch record scanning programs for track & trace
  • High-speed, fully-automated bottle filling lines
  • Semi-automated bottling lines to meet short-run production needs
  • State-of-the-art, custom-built production software to maximize faster turnaround times
  • Computerized monitoring of environmental controls
  • Pill-dispensing identification software
  • Highly accurate tablet counting (electronic laser-eye & photo electric high speed tablet counters)
  • Automatic capping with torque control
  • Induction sealing
  • Precision labeling with automatic in-line printing of lot number & expiration date
  • Off-line, in-house printing capabilities – serialization & 3D bar codes

Our flexible packaging operation provides fully-integrated solutions for pharmaceutical applications and consumer product lines while maintaining strict compliance with cGMP and FDA regulations.

The solid-dose products are sealed in standard or custom-packaging designs, including customizable labels and a variety of bottle options. Package sizes can be adjusted to meet specific customer needs.

Our unit-of-use packaging option is an innovative, cost-effective way to:
  • Improve pharmaceutical safety & work flow
  • Increase efficiency & reduce prep time
  • Increase security of pharmaceuticals storage & use
  • Reduce human error in administering
  • Manage & maintain inventory
  • Uphold integrity of medications
  • Electronically transfer pertinent patient record data


Proficient Rx’s solid dose packaging facilities are DEA licensed to handle C II-V controlled substances.

All controlled substances are secured, handled and stored in accordance with DEA regulations. We are capable of meeting all states’ reporting requirements of controlled substances.