In Office Dispensing Benefits

In office dispensing of prepackaged medications is a safe way to provide point-of-care added convenience to patients while improving healthcare and driving additional revenue for the practice.

In Office Dispensing | Proficient Rx

On-site pharmaceutical dispensing improves the quality and cost effectiveness of healthcare in today’s market. Both the physician dispensing professional and the patient benefit from in-office pharmaceutical dispensing solutions. In office dispensing creates an ancillary revenue stream for the physician and saves the patient a trip to the pharmacy. Healthcare providers purchase prepackaged medication directly from Proficient Rx and maintain inventory of the most frequently used medications at their office.

Medical professionals are then able to offer prescribed, stocked medications to their patients at the point-of-care. In office dispensing of medication directly to your patients enables office staff to reduce time on hold with pharmacies to place prescriptions and utilizes their productivity to serve patients and generate revenue for the practice.

There are few other medical practices adding services that make a positive difference in the lives of patients. In fact, many physicians are reducing services instead of taking advantage of the benefits in-office dispensing can provide.

Right now, only 10% of private practices offer ancillary services such as in-office dispensing. These medical practices stand out from the many other practices in the same area.

Benefits of In Office Dispensing

Community members talk about which physicians are going the extra mile for patients. Supplying medicines at the point of care can give a medical practice an advantage over all other practices. It can also mean added revenue for a business and financial savings for patients on top of the other advantages it creates.

In office dispensing is a convenience most patients will appreciate. Being able to pick up a prescription before leaving the clinic saves both time and money for the patient. Traveling to a pharmacy and waiting for medication can take hours. These hours translate into money when a patient could return to work.

Providing such services is one major way physicians can retain patients. When medical practices implement ancillary services, patients recognize these efforts and remain loyal. By establishing in office dispensing, patients feel valued and important. Patients, in turn, remain committed to your practice.

By implementing in office dispensing, physicians can enjoy the additional income without the need to recruit for new patients. It is important for medical professionals to have the time needed to properly care for all patients.

One common frustration among patients is the lack of time a physician spends with them at each visit. Patients recognize when a doctor is rushing through an evaluation. Because physician dispensing makes your practice more productive, you can spend quality time where it is needed most.

Often, physicians are not aware if patients comply with taking medications properly. With in office dispensing, medical professionals can better monitor the timing of refill requests and match those with the date of the original prescription.

Along with providing physicians with an opportunity to better monitor medication compliance, it also helps the physician measure patient health outcomes. This can be done by comparing current health statuses with those in and out of compliance with medications.

Many of the reasons used for non-compliance can virtually be eliminated. Because of physician dispensing, the prescriptions are given at the point of care, and patients do not have time constraints or travel issues to encounter.

For all patients, education about their medication is a big key to improving health related issues. When a patient does not completely understand how their medication can benefit them, they are more likely to be noncompliant. With in office dispensing, medical professionals can educate patients on the specifics of their diagnosis and the importance of medication.

Confidentiality is greatly appreciated among patients. The privacy in office dispensing offers to patients encourages them to ask questions regarding treatment. Patients are also more likely to discuss personal concerns about medications, unlike getting a prescription filled at a pharmacy.

Errors with prescriptions do occur at pharmacies due to the high volume of orders. With in-office dispensing, prepackaged medication leave little room for error. The fewer numbers of orders being sent out means a much lower chance of error than at a pharmacy.

Patients will be most appreciative to learn they can save money by using in office dispensing services. The software programs used for this service provide a direct link from the point of care to the insurance company, meaning there is no faxing or emailing claims. There are no long wait periods to receive a rejection or approval notice. It is easy and efficient.

The software is connected so that medical staff only enter the insurance information and click a button to send that information to an approval department at the insurance company. Medical staff and the patient will know what is covered and what is not in a brief period.

Physician dispensing directly to patients is an added benefit for any medical practice looking for an edge over the competition.

In Office Dispensing Healthcare Provider Benefits:
  • Supplemental Revenue
  • Increased Patient Compliance
  • Differentiates the Practice
  • Provider Productivity
In Office Dispensing Patient Benefits:
  • Convenience
  • Affordability
  • Preserves Confidentiality
  • Increases medication compliance