Physician dispensing solutions, alternatively known as in-house dispensing technologies, have become a mainstay of the modern care journey. In-house dispensing is the process of providing prescriptions directly to patients at the point of care. In other words, you are providing pharmacy services on-site and sending patients home with the medication you prescribe.

Today, in-office dispensing companies like Proficient Rx empower providers to elevate the care journey. Our web-based physician dispensing solutions allow you to manage, track, order, and dispense medications directly from your computer. Our proprietary platform includes built-in compliance functionality to ensure that your drug dispensing practices align with state and federal regulations.

In addition to providing web-based software, Proficient Rx also offers physician dispensing services. We provide prepackaged medications that comply with the latest FDA guidelines, including the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). As a result, you can have peace of mind when providing in-office pharmaceuticals to your client.

If you have been searching for ways to elevate the quality of the patient care you provide, Proficient Rx can help.

Understanding Physician Dispensing Solutions

Efficient medication dispensing is a critical component of the care journey. When this process is hindered by delays, patient outcomes can suffer. Fortunately, physician dispensing is a viable solution, and it’s gaining traction among providers and patients alike.

Physician dispensing is the process of providing your patients with prescription drugs from your clinic or office. Also known as point-of-care dispensing, this approach to medication dispensing can provide you with an additional revenue stream while also enhancing the patient experience.

However, creating a dispensing program is a complex undertaking. That is why many forward-thinking doctors turn to physician dispensing companies like Proficient Rx for support.

Our physician dispensing solutions promote the efficient dispensing of pharmaceuticals to your patients. We also offer repackaging services and proprietary software that ensures compliance with labeling, tracing, and dispensing regulations.

Proficient Rx’s Web-Based Medication Dispensing System

Proficient Rx’s web-based medication dispensing system is a proprietary software designed to streamline the dispensing process. With Proficient Rx, you can manage, order, track, and dispense medications directly from your computer. All you need is valid credentials and a reliable internet connection.

Within seconds, you can access up-to-date medication information and accurate pricing. You can also track available inventory and proactively avoid stock-outs via just-in-time ordering.

We also offer repackaging and inventory management support as part of our dispensing solutions. Proficient Rx’s physician dispensing services facilitate in-office medication dispensing by giving you access to a broad inventory of brand-name and generic pharmaceuticals. Indeed, we have medication dispensing programs for virtually every category of licensed healthcare provider.

The Proficient Rx system also includes label and Patient Advisory Leaflets (PALS) data, which you can print directly from our software. With Proficient Rx, you can stay compliant, boost patient satisfaction, and accelerate the delivery of prescribed medications.

Benefits of Proficient Rx’s Web-Based Medication Dispensing System

Proficient Rx yields significant benefits for your patients and your physician’s office, allowing you to unlock benefits such as:

Improved Medication Accuracy

Even with modern prescription tracking tools, information gets lost in translation when you relay it to retail pharmacies. Stockouts or simple misunderstandings between your office and the pharmacy can leave patients without the medication they need.

When you dispense medications in-office, you can ensure your patients are getting the right prescriptions. You can find the appropriate medication in the Proficient Rx system, print the requisite labels, and get the prescriptions where they need to be: in the hands of your patients.

Enhanced Medication Adherence

Physician dispensing companies like Proficient Rx help you optimize patient compliance, as patients do not have to make a separate trip to a retail pharmacy. Instead, they can conclude their visit and pick up their medication while still in the doctor’s office.

Dispensing medications directly in your office also gives you a chance to review dosage requirements with your patients. This can help you improve medication adherence, which is typically less than 87%.

Streamlined Workflow for Healthcare Providers

Proficient Rx makes finding and dispensing locations an effortless process. Thanks to our repackaging services, you can dispense medications faster than the pharmacy and generate extra revenue in the process.

Proficient Rx eliminates unnecessary steps from the dispensing workflow. Every aspect of our platform is designed to promote efficiency while preventing errors.

Patient Convenience and Satisfaction

Your patients don’t want to make an extra trip to a retail pharmacy, even if the medication they are picking up is important to their overall well-being. Proficient Rx helps you eliminate this point of friction by making getting their prescription a quick and convenient experience.

In the long term, using a dispensing solution like Proficient Rx will lead to better patient satisfaction and help you build a strong reputation within your field.

Real-time Prescription Tracking and Reporting

Proficient Rx’s real-time tracking and reporting capabilities support regulatory compliance, even when prescribing controlled substances. You can use our reporting tools to meet Board of Pharmacy requirements, avoid regulatory penalties, and protect your reputation

Our tracking and reporting tools also simplify inventory management. They allow you to keep adequate inventory to meet the needs of your existing patients and maintain enough excess stock to fill new prescriptions.

Regulatory Compliance and Security

The Proficient Rx web-based platform uses robust cybersecurity tools to protect your patients’ data. Our platform is designed in compliance with regulatory frameworks such as the DSCSA and HIPAA.

We want you to use our platform confidently, so we made cybersecurity and compliance the foundation of our technology. From there, we have added convenience and efficiency features designed to help you better serve your patients.

Cost Savings for Healthcare Practices

Proficient Rx can provide significant cost savings as well, given that our platform is available free of charge. It is accessible to any physicians who use our repackaging and dispensing services.

Our prepacked medications and web-based software provide a clear and convenient path to becoming a dispensing physician. Additionally, you will enjoy back-end revenue increases by expanding the scope of services you provide.

Integrating Proficient Rx’s System Into Your Practice

Proficient Rx makes it easy for your clinic to become a dispensing site. Our web-based platform is simple to implement and free to use once you enroll in our dispensing program.

We offer a variety of physician medication dispensing solutions so that you can choose the approach that best suits the needs of your practice. From no out-of-pocket cost plans to a cash-and-carry program. We have an option for every provider.

Ensuring Data Security and Compliance

Proficient Rx’s physician dispensing solutions have built-in patient privacy tools and controls designed to ensure HIPAA compliance. Additionally, our platform complies with DEA regulations and controlled substances management frameworks so that you can dispense controlled substances on-site without endangering business continuity.

Our reporting tools will make handling audits and regulatory inspections a frictionless process as well. Proficient Rx creates a secure record of every transaction so that you can achieve and maintain a state of compliance.

Finding the Right Service Model for Your Organization

Do you want to learn more about our physician-dispensing solutions? If so, we invite you to contact our team. One of our experienced team members will happily help you find the service model that makes the most sense for your patients and practice. Together, we can transform the patient experience.