Physician medication packaging services buy medication in bulk from pharmaceutical companies, and then repackage it to accommodate individual practices, urgent care clinics, worker compensation clinics, and other healthcare providers. 

These repackaged medications cater to the per-patient needs of each respective healthcare provider by providing much greater safety, accuracy, drug efficacy, and trackability than standard packaging.

At Proficient Rx, we offer state-of-the-art packaging, labeling and  bottling capabilities, with custom-built production software for faster turnaround times on urgent offers, and a wide variety of packaging options, the latest in automated tablet-counting technology, and precision labeling.


Why Medication Repackaging is Becoming the Norm 

As healthcare costs rise and patients continue to demand better customer experiences from their healthcare providers, both cost efficiency and convenience are becoming top priorities for many practices – at no cost to quality. This is an incredibly tall order, and medication repackaging services play a central role in fulfilling it.

These services not only simplify the process of individualizing medication orders through fully-automated and semi-automated sorting and bottling, but through the production of convenience kits, through informative and individualized point-of-care label printing, inventory and patient management software, as well as repackaging practices designed to maximize the longevity and efficacy of medication to reduce the drug waste that occurs in bulk sale and storage.

On the patient level, individualized packaging helps greatly improve treatment adherence  and enable point-of-care dispensing (alongside better medication instructions), makes it easier to track individual kits and maintain a clear overview of drug inventory, and cuts out a lot of time spent prepping dosages and counting pills for kits.


Physician Medication Packaging Reduces Drug Waste 

Excessive drug waste is a serious problem. Unused medication can lose its efficacy and be disposed improperly by patients, opening the door to abuse, accidental poisonings, and a massive impact on the environment – and in turn, the ecology of our cities and regions.

Drugs commonly disposed through sewage or household waste can pose a threat because of common medication such as painkillers and antibiotics on plants and animals, and the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Another important step to reducing the impact of improper drug disposal is through drug take-back programs and physician-based drug collection kiosks.

Furthermore, drug waste presents a serious economic issue, as it often means pharmacies and physicians end up stocking more than they can sell, and taking steps to reduce drug waste by ensuring that physicians gain access to repackaged medication that properly reflects patient demand can help physicians greatly reduce the costs associated with unused medication, and proper medication disposal.


Medication Packaging Minimizes Prep Time

By referring to medication packaging services, physicians and practices can reduce the time usually needed to prepare patient doses, allowing practice staff to focus on better processing patients and further reducing wait times.

Being time efficient is a huge boon in the healthcare provider industry, as patients prefer shorter wait times and value healthcare providers that spend a greater amount of time on improving their customer service.


Medication Packaging Reduces Dispensing Errors

Medication packaging services utilize state-of-the-art semi-automated and fully automated processes to count and package medication, leaving no room for human error.

Dispensing errors are fortunately rare but can be devastating when they do occur. An automated system ensures that physicians can concentrate on providing the best care possible while leaving the system to package and provide the right medication in a sterile and safe environment and print the appropriate label in-office.


Physician Medication Packaging Helps Organize Inventories

By collaborating with a medication packaging service, physicians can better track their purchases and sales, keep an updated overview of their inventory, easily and automatically schedule restocking.


Medication Repackaging Makes It Easier to Track Controlled Substances

The safe disposal of controlled substances after expiration is crucial. Repackaged medication is carefully tracked and labeled with a corresponding code to verify a patient’s prescription and can be safely disposed of at the same place it’s repackaged.


Repackaged Medication Remains Viable, Sanitary, and Safe Longer

Prepackaged medication is prepared in a sterile environment in packaging specially sealed to maximize longevity and ensure that drugs remain viable for as long as possible, taking into account light exposure, moisture, vapors, and sealant compatibility.

Different drugs require different packaging to ensure viability, and Proficient Rx utilizes state-of-the-art technology to automate the repackaging process and eliminate the risk of contamination or spoilage. Repackaged medication is often better sealed and contained than the original packaging from the drug manufacturer. This further helps reduce drug waste by ensuring that individual packaged medications last longer.


Physician Medication Packaging Improves Patient Convenience 

Patient convenience is an important metric for a healthcare provider’s success. While a physician should never sacrifice quality of care, surveys show that most patients care more about convenience. Leveraging this by providing both better care and more convenience and put you at a great advantage vis-à-vis the competition.

Patient-specific physician medication packaging improves patient convenience by providing tailored prepackaged kits corresponding with a patient’s needs, through in-office dispensing – meaning patients get the medication they need without paying for pills they won’t use, and without the inconvenience of visiting a pharmacy for their medication instead.

Proficient Rx specializes in repackaging medication and providing direct dispensing solutions to urgent care practices, workers compensation clinics, and other healthcare providers.

Our in-office dispensing software is web-based, secure, and HIPAA-compliant, enabling physicians to expand their telehealth services and provide their patients with the benefits of point-of-care dispensing via in-office label printing, easy and intuitive drug inventory management, and medication tracking, all through a program that can be interfaced through any secure office computer without a lengthy installation process.

Our repackaging and labeling services are in strict compliance with FDA and cGMP regulations, and we are licensed to handle Schedule II-V controlled substances. We also help our clients manage, track, and dispose of controlled substances that have lost their efficacy safely, and provide a variety of prepackaged kits (including injection kits, DNA kits, and more).

Contact us today to find out how our medication packaging and dispensing services can help your practice improve patient convenience, while bolstering your revenue.

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