Repackaged medication means a manufacturer’s supply of medications that are sent in bulk are transferred into smaller containers or packages to make it easier for a patient to use.

Repackaged medication is made by companies purchasing medicines in bulk. They then use more convenient and safe packaging to provide more structured doses.

Some repackaged medication is made for single unit dosing. That means one pill is accessible at a time and the packaging is labeled so the patient does not get confused as to when they are supposed to take their medicine.

There are many benefits to using repackaged medication in your point of care dispensing program. Below are seven benefits you can count on when dealing with a reputable repackaging company.

Contractor Choice In Repackaged Medication

When you work with a company who provides repackaged medication, you get to choose which company is right for your practice. You can interview and get references on a company before contracting with them.

You do not have to sign with the first repackaged medication company that comes along. You can take your time in finding the company that meets your standards. Check out their logistics, costs, designs, capacity and ethics.

Because you are in control of this decision you want to make sure you do business with a reputable provider of repackaged medication, meet with company representatives and create a contract that meets the needs of your office.

Clean Environments For Repackaged Medication

Repackaged medication is stored and packaged in a clean, safe environment. The rooms are temperature controlled and have added security to protect the medicines. Monitoring is controlled with the use of state of the art computerized technology.

Repackaging facilities are held to higher standards than pharmacies. How often do you see pharmacists cleaning their counter tops when filling prescriptions? Germs transferred from a pharmacist’s counter to a medicine can cause adverse reactions. Plus, it is just unhealthy.

Compliance with DEA and FDA Regulations

Both the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Food and Drug Administration set forth strict guidelines for repackaged medication companies. The regulations are set forth to protect the patient, the doctor and the facility doing the repackaging.

If repackaging companies fail to adhere to the regulations, they are warned, inspected and eventually shut down and prevented from operating. Repackaged medication companies are expected to provide documentation and visual proof that all regulations are being met.

The World Health Organization sets forth dispensing guidelines that must be followed by the physician and practice staff. Repackaging companies make it easy for doctors to comply with these guidelines, which cover the entire process from writing the prescription to handing medicine to the patient.

Convenient Packaging

Whether it is unit-of-use packaging or bottling, repackaged medication is made to be easy to use by the patient. They come with pre-prepared labeling with serialization. They also have pre-printed information on the packaging so the patient will make no errors on how much to take and when.

Packaging is important for drug stability. Packaging must be able to protect the drugs from external elements. These elements can include shipping conditions, temperature variances and even the outside packaging that holds the repackaged medicines.

Container Closure Expertise

There are specific standards a repackaged medication company must follow when it comes to preparing bottles, multi-unit or individual unit packages. The containers must be better than the original container from the manufacturer.

The new containers must take into consideration moisture, light, vapors, sealants and compatibility with the drug itself.

Repackaged medication companies are experts in containers and the standards set forth for protecting medicine. This means you can rely on them for compliance rather than you needing to become educated on all the requirements for containers.

Controlled Substances and Traceability

An advantage of repackaged medication is that you can obtain all types of drugs, including controlled substances. You do not have to order controlled substances in bulk or worry about storing them in your office.

You do not have to continually check for expiration and then figure out how to dispose of them properly once they do expire. The repackaging company can do all of this for you.

Repackaging of controlled substances makes them safer for you, the physician, and for the patient. Controlled substances, and all other repackaged medicines, are coded and labeled. Meaning, they are traceable all the way back to the manufacturer.

This provides all people involved with a security that if a medication is stolen or misused, it can be tracked to verify where the medicine originated and for whom or what it was intended.

Cost Saving for the Patient and Physician

Unit-dose packaging means each pill or tablet is packaged separately. This means the patient only pays for the medicines they receive. They do not have to pay for bulk orders that leave them with leftover medicine.

Worker’s compensation programs allow patients to receive repackaged medicines, making it easier for the patient to get the medicines they need for recovery. Patients do not have to spend time shopping around for the cheapest place to buy their medicine.

Some say this causes an increase in cost and sometimes this is true. But it is not an increase in cost for the patient or for you, the physician. More likely, it is an increase for the employer.

Using a repackaged medication company can save you money. You simply purchase the medicines you know you will use, or that your patients will need.

In addition, you only need to place an order for more medicines when you begin to run out of your current supply. Again, only paying for the medicines needed, no extras.

As you can see, repackaged medication companies can offer your practice many benefits. Most importantly, they can offer you time to focus on your patients rather than spending too much time on the medicines being prescribed.

When you use a repackaged medication company for your in office dispensing program, they do all the work. From installing their software to connecting you to the insurance companies to resupplying your inventory, they can do the work for you.

This type of ancillary service is created to add revenue to your business without adding more work to your schedule. Using a repackaging company will help you achieve this goal.


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