Using a web based portal for in-office dispensing is not only simple, it is accurate. With the click of a few buttons, you can manage, track and order medicines for your patients. You can even print the labels directly from the portal.

These are just a few of the advantages of a web based portal for in-office dispensing. Keep reading to learn more benefits.

Physician Compliance

In-office dispensing software can help you stay in compliance with state and federal laws and regulations. Each State has specific rules for physicians to follow to dispense medicines in-office to patients.

In addition, the Pharmacy Boards in each State also has requirements each physician must meet.

A web based portal keeps all your records, all patient data and stores it in an organized and easily accessible format. All reports and information needed for compliance reports can be quickly retrieved and submitted.

Safety of Web Based In-Office Dispensing

Patients often have more than one medical problem you are trying to treat. Because of this, it is common to prescribe multiple medications to treat all their symptoms.

Some medications, when taken together, can cause a negative reaction. This may be due to patient allergies. It may also be due to drug interactions.

With a web based portal, you can check for patient allergies and drug interactions before the medicine is prescribed. The system will alert you to any potential concerns. This feature protects both you and the patient.

Insurance and Billing

Your staff no longer needs to call insurance companies and billing departments only to be put on hold. There are no more faxing reports back and forth between your office and a claims department.

With web based portals, your billing staff has the capability of sending claims with the simple click of a button. This is so because the software system is set up with a direct link to every insurance company’s claims submission portal.

Dispensing software is also known for its capabilities to handle workman’s compensation billing and communications. This takes a lot of work away from the staff, so they can focus on caring for the patient.

The connection between these two portals makes it easy for you, your staff, and even for the insurance company when you utilize in office dispensing.

Patient Education

The traditional method of filling prescriptions involves the patient traveling to a pharmacy to get their medicine. When ready, a pharmacy staff or pharmacy technician hands the patient their prescription and briefly asks them if they have any questions.

Patients usually say they do not have questions. This does not mean they understand the medicine they are taking, however. It simply means they don’t want to waste any more time or be embarrassed at the pharmacy.

With in-office dispensing and web based portals, you can print educational information leaflets and FDA medication guides directly from your computer. Before they leave your office, you can provide them with all the information they need to understand their medication.

Speaking with them in the privacy of your office rather than a pharmacy encourages patients to be compliant with their medications. It also encourages them to ask questions.

Office Operations

Your staff will appreciate the web based portal’s easy to use formats. They enter the information on a patient initially and from there, the software program does the rest. All the staff must do is update any records as needed.

They can run reports on both patients and medications. They can reorder medication supplies. They can send insurance claims directly to the insurance company. They can do all of this with the click of a button.

Staff satisfaction will increase. They no longer must pull files and make multiple copies before refiling. All information can be stored on the portal, leaving the office clean and organized.

Protected Data

Web based portals for in-office dispensing programs come with security measures so that no data or information can be lost or stolen. It seems like too often you hear on the news about security breaches where the contact and personal information of a customer has been stolen.

There are preventative safety measures installed in the dispensing software to avoid such scenarios. This eliminates worry for both you and your patients.

These advantages make implementing in-office dispensing web based portals an exciting new tool for doctors to use in their practice. The next step is to simply find the dispensing medical company that meets all your needs. In a brief period, you will be benefiting from your own system.