As the name implies, prepackaged medication refers to any prescription medication that is prepared and packaged at a licensed facility for the needs of an individual patient.

When a clinic orders prepackaged anti-viral drugs for a patient, for example, the prepackaging facility can create a custom pill bottle or blister pack with the exact dose and number of requested pills, manufacturer information, expiration date, drug name and strength, and more.

It’s important to recognize the need for automated and efficient medication management. About one in eight Americans are taking five or more concurrent prescription drugs, and every fourth American is taking at least three or more

With so many prescriptions to keep track of, it may be unsurprising to hear that as many as two-thirds of patients aren’t properly adhering to their treatments, usually forgetting to take certain medication, taking too much or too little, or taking their pills at the wrong time – or not at all.

Medication non-adherence is tied to around 125,000 preventable deaths a year. Better, more intuitive, and automated prescription processes can help patients improve adherence by addressing access, providing clearer and individualized instructions, intuitive packaging, and by cutting down on pharmaceutical prep time in the clinic, giving physicians and staff more time to talk to patients.   

Providing Individualized Care 

One of the greatest benefits of prepackaged medication is that each package can be tailored down to package type, drug dose, drug labeling, and so on.

Rather than provide a generic pill bottle or a bulk box of blister packs, prepackaged prescription medication services help physicians tailor their point-of-care dispensing solution to every patient’s needs and requirements.  

Medication Packaging Can Improve Adherence

Adherence is one of the biggest arguments for making large-scale changes and improvements to medication dispensing. Automated and safe prepackaging can reduce the likelihood of drug overdoses and non-adherence by making it easier to keep track of daily medication requirements while making prescription refills simpler and more convenient than ever.

Improving medication adherence is a major healthcare goal, especially in a post-pandemic world. Solutions that make it easier, cheaper, and faster to gain access to medication, while giving doctors more opportunities to follow up on patients, explain outcomes and drug interactions, and monitor drug usage are key.  

Our system takes care of the pesky paperwork involved with ordering, managing, tracking, and dispensing controlled substances. Every step of the process is carefully recorded, so you can recall what each patient was prescribed at what date, with exact dosages and other critical order information.

Not only does this reduce the massive headache associated with dispensing medication at the point of care, but it frees up both you and your staff for more time spent tending to other critical patient matters.  

Prepackaged Medication Lasts Longer  

Prepackaged medications are manufactured and delivered in bulk quantities from pharmaceutical plants straight to the prepackaging facilities. 

There, the drugs are sorted and packaged via automation as per incoming orders, while being stored in a carefully controlled environment to maximize efficacy and minimize drug spoilage. Each prepackaged pill bottle or blister pack is machine sealed to ensure that the medication does not deteriorate at an accelerated pace.

By the time prepackaged medication arrives at the doctor’s office, it will be just as effective as it was the moment it was manufactured. 

Ordering Prepackaged Prescriptions Reduces Time to Treatment

When going through traditional channels, the process of getting access to your prescription medication can be quite time-consuming. A patient would have to first receive the prescription from their doctor, then deliver it to a nearby pharmacy to refill or receive their first dose.  

The pharmacist would prepare the patient’s medication based on the prescription, which can take especially long if the patient’s physician wasn’t able to contact and inform the pharmacist of the incoming order. Depending on the distance between the doctor and the nearest fully stocked pharmacy, there’s a lot of driving and waiting involved.   

Streamlined Process

Prepackaged prescription medication eliminates most of the process, especially for prescription refill requests. A doctor can order the right dosage and medication through their web-based platform, sending an electronic request to a prepackaging facility which automates the process of counting and packaging the medication with the right dosage and strength.  

All necessary labels are pre-printed and delivered, giving physicians the ability to easily dispense the right drug at the point of care without requiring additional travel or wait times for patients. Doctors can pre-empt patient refill requests, schedule follow-ups, and track their patient’s medication use digitally. 

Prepackaged prescription medication provided at the point of care can save time and lives. We at Proficient Rx help our clients integrate individualized medication into their healthcare services through a state-of-the-art packaging facility and web-based online logistics platform.   

Dispensing Platform

Our web-based direct dispensing platform allows physicians, clinics, and hospitals to keep meticulous track of their orders and inventory, manage patient information, order prescription medication, print labels at the point-of-care, and simplify the process of prescribing and administering multiple OTC, generic, and branded prescription drugs, all in compliance with cGMP and FDA regulations. 

It is plug-and-play, requiring no on-site installation or pesky software management, and our support staff are available around the clock to handle complications and troubleshoot issues. The only requirements are your individualized security credentials and an internet connection.   

We use the latest in technology to ensure that our products are sorted, managed, and delivered with quality patient care in mind. Contact us for more information on direct dispensing and prepackaged prescription medication.