The role of a Nurse Practitioner today is extensive and valuable. More than ever before, seeking a career as a Nurse Practitioner is popular among both men and women.

While they do not make as much money as physicians, they do offer just as much value to a practice. They are your right-hand man (or woman), without needing to be right there with you always.

The use of a Nurse Practitioner for Drug Dispensing is both smart and efficient for your practice. Below are a few of the reasons why.

Licensed and Certified

Nurse Practitioners spend about nine years in post-secondary education. This is about two years less that physicians complete. They also pass State Board exams, State Pharmacy Board requirements and all certification procedures before they can begin practicing.

Most of their education is in the nursing field, studying the same topics medical physicians study. They must also complete practicums in their field of study.

They Can Provide Diverse Types of Care

Nurse Practitioners can and are perfectly capable of providing a variety of services. When there is an emergency, they can provide acute care.

Many Nurse Practitioners choose to work in Primary or Specialty care practices, scheduling and seeing several patients every hour for both typical and atypical medical issues.

If you have a Nurses Practitioner on staff in your practice, you can double the number of patients you see. This means you can serve more people and increase the revenue flow to your business.

Nurse Practitioner For Diagnostic Testing

Some patients feel Nurse Practitioners take more time with patients and take more precautionary steps to ensure a patient’s health is positive. For example, some Nurse Practitioners seem to order more diagnostic testing and lab work than physicians.

Nurse Practitioners can perform and interpreting diagnostic testing and results. They are prepared to discuss results with patients and doctors.

They Can Prescribe Medications

As a physician, you are busy with your own patients and writing prescriptions for their health. You do not have time to approve medication requests made by other staff who are attending to different patients.

This is not a problem when you are working with a Nurse Practitioner. They are licensed and certified to prescribe medications on their own. This cuts wait time down for both current patients being seen and those still waiting in the lobby.

Nurse Practitioners can fill all types of medications, including controlled substances. They know how to research drug interactions and allergic reaction possibilities.

Maintain Detailed Records

Patient record documentation is a requirement by your State authority agencies. Nurse Practitioners are taught to document all progress and related patient information correctly. Most do this immediately following a patient visit. Some wait until the end of the day.

Because your State audits your patient files, having a Nurse Practitioner that is great with documentation is a plus.

Counsel and Educate Patients

At the end of a patient visit, Nurse Practitioners can ensure each patient receives the proper education and counseling needed for them to understand their health and any instructions needed.

Using in office dispensing software, Nurse Practitioners can simply print the information and go over it with the patient during the visit.

Some patients have a lot of questions. Your Nurse Practitioner is very capable of answering these questions.

Gives You Freedom to Choose

Wouldn’t it be nice to pick and choose which jobs you do each day in your own practice? Well, by hiring a Nurse Practitioner, you can do just that.

Nurse Practitioners can take over jobs you feel do not fit your current areas of practice. For instance, if you want to focus on specialty areas of care rather than people who have the flu, you can assign those patients to your nurse practitioner.

Depending on what your focus is, you can arrange a schedule that meets your needs first. You are no longer stuck spending time fixing health problems that don’t match your talents.

Focusing on your medical areas of interest and allowing your Nurse Practitioner to handle the smaller cases can give you a sense of purpose again. You can reconnect with your passion, accomplish challenging patient issues and enjoy practicing every day.

If you are looking to expand your practice and doubling patient numbers and income. Your time is limited. Hiring a Nurse Practitioner makes sense. It is the one way you can fulfill your goals of providing the best service to your patients and community.