There is a single reason why doctors across the nation are choosing to easy medication dispensing of prepackaged medications at the point of care. It makes dispensing quick and effective.

If you are a physician who wants easy medication dispensing out of office, you will benefit from prepackaged medications the most. You no longer need to be the one to do all the demanding work.

Prepackaged medications are ordered from an office dispensing company, who after receiving medicines from the manufacturer, use extreme safety measure to properly package medications.

With prepackaged medications, you only order and pay for medicines you need, no extras. The medicines are separated and labeled for easy use. Using prepackaged medications helps you and your staff provide the best care possible as part of an easy medication dispensing program.

Easy Medication Dispensing Processes

Prepackaged medications can be streamlined for quick delivery because there is no compounding, mixing, or sorting that needs to be completed by you. The medicines are prepared, shipped to you and readily available before the patients even need them.

You and your staff simply enter the prescription information into the computer. Next you print the label, retrieve the prepackaged medicine from the locked cabinet, adhere the label and deliver package to your patient.

Just a few steps to complete the entire easy medication dispensing process, improving operations in your practice.

Simple Dosing

Prepackaged medication comes in individual doses. This means you and your patients do not have to worry about medication errors such as underuse or overuse. When patients overuse their medicine, it creates a concern that they will run out of medicine they need before their next refill date.

Or worse, they could overdose, experiencing negative reactions.

With prepackaged medications as part of your easy medication dispensing program, the patient can get the correct information on doses directly from you. Accidental overuse is not an issue, making this process safer for the patient as well.

Simple Storage

Prepackaging companies can provide everything a physician needs to properly store and distribute medicines to their patients. Doctors are given lock storage boxes that protect the medicines until it is time to distribute.

In addition, prepacking companies can offer temperature-controlled storage containers to physicians who need to keep some medicines cold and others at room temperature.

Temperature is very important in keeping medications, avoiding loss of effectiveness before normal expiration. As a physician, you want the medicines you prescribe to do exactly what you tell your patients they will do.

If medication is not stored properly, you may be giving a patient medication that won’t live up to its potential.

Simple Claims Processing

One of the most dreaded activities in your office may be dealing with insurance companies. Depending on the insurance company, claims processing can be arduous.

Using prepackaged medication software, your staff no longer needs to call insurance companies and billing departments only to be put on hold. There are no more faxing reports back and forth between your office and a claims department.

With web-based portals, your billing staff has the capability of sending claims with the simple click of a button. This is so because the software system is set up with a direct link to every insurance company’s claims submission portal for easy medication dispensing.

Easy medication dispensing software is also known for its capabilities to handle workman’s compensation billing and communications. This takes a lot of work away from the staff, so they can focus on caring for the patient.

The connection between these two portals makes it easy for you, your staff, and even for the insurance company.

Simple to Re-Order Supplies

When you are running low on medicines, durable medical supplies and durable medical equipment, you simply place a reorder through the in-office dispensing software.

Durable medical supplies are items that help a patient care for themselves but are disposed of once used. Examples of supplies include blood sugar testing strips for diabetics. Durable medical supplies can also include disposable gloves that a patient or caregiver may wear during a daily treatment.

Supplies can also include bandages, catheter equipment, needles for injections and diapers. If it is used once and then thrown away, it is considered a durable medical supply.

Durable medical equipment is prescribed for long-term use to help those in recovery from an illness or injury. In the case of the elderly, the durable medical equipment may be prescribed for an infinite amount of time.

The dispensing company you choose receives and processes your re-order of any medicines, supplies or equipment. Within days, your inventory is re-stocked.

Simple Labeling

Correct labeling is important in all medication production, especially prepackaged. The label, even though small, contains a large amount of information. Prepackaging facilities know just how vital this information can be.

Name of the physician, brand name of the drug, and patient name are three pieces of information on a label. Other pieces include drug expiration date, safety warnings such as “may cause drowsiness”, and instructions on how to take the medicine.

Some medicines need to be taken with food, while others need to be taken on an empty stomach. Having these instructions available can determine the effectiveness of the medicine.

Prepackaged medication labels will also note if refills are available and if so, how many. It will have contact information for the doctor and an account number or serial number that can be traced back to the prescription ordered.

The label is easily printed from the prepackaged software. Once printed, all you need to do is adhere it to the filled prescription.

The best thing about using prepackaged medication is that it makes it simple for you to make more money without much more effort. And while your revenue increases, so will patient satisfaction. Your patients will appreciate being able to receive prepackaged medications in your office.

This saves them both time and money. And because prepackaged medication makes total compliance a reality, overall patient health outcomes will improve. This means you are helping patients live an improved lifestyle, which is the reason you are a physician in the first place.

Prepackaged medications can help you and your patients achieve success.