Passionate healthcare professionals like you are always looking for ways to improve the patient journey and expand the efficacy of the healthcare services you provide. While there are many ways to elevate the patient experience, one emerging trend involves the use of prepackaged prescriptions.

Working with a prepackaged medication dispensing partner will allow you to engage in in-office dispensing, which increases patient adherence while also generating a secondary revenue stream for your office. 

Take a look at how on-site dispensing works and the key benefits that come with a repackaging provider to better serve your patients.

What Is Medication Prepackaging?

Prepackaged medication dispensing companies, like Proficient Rx, repackage prescription medication from wholesalers. This means that we divide bulk shipments of prescription drugs into individualized packets.

We offer several unit-dose options, including 30-day supply packages, individual boxes of creams, and injectables. By repackaging prescription medications into smaller, more manageable doses, we streamline your drug administration processes.

Prepackaged medication providers like Proficient Rx follow all FDA guidelines regarding traceability, repackaging requirements, and labeling. We also adhere to established data-sharing regulations to ensure compliance and protect your reputation.

By partnering with a prepackaged medication dispensing provider, you can launch your own in-house dispensing program. Also known as doctor dispensing, in-office prepacked medication dispensing involves providing your patients with their medication during their visits.

They won’t have to make a separate trip to the pharmacy, wait around for their medication to be filled, or run the risk of getting the wrong meds. Instead, you can engage in point-of-care medication management.

The Benefits of Prepackaged Medication

The traditional pharmaceutical industry model adds unnecessary friction to the patient journey by requiring them to go to their local pharmacy. Separating the issuance of prescriptions and the dispensing of medication also increases the risk of miscommunication. This is especially concerning when controlled substances are involved.

Fortunately, you can overcome most of these challenges by implementing an in-office dispensing system that uses prepackaged meds. Prepackaged medication dispensing offers many benefits, including:

Improved Patient Care

Customized medication packaging improves patient care by ensuring that your patients receive the right meds, the appropriate unit dose, and the correct number of total doses. You can avoid potential miscommunication and get your patients their medications more efficiently.

When you distribute medications directly in your office, you can provide an over-the-counter experience. Since your patients have already verified their identity when checking in for their appointment, you can avoid the delays typically present at a pharmacy and get them on their way with the right medications.

Supplemental Revenue

Working with a prepackaged medication provider allows you to create an additional revenue stream. Instead of outsourcing the prescription fulfillment process to pharmacies, you can fill them directly in your office.

You will also enjoy indirect revenue benefits as well. Rolling out a medication dispensing program will make your clinic more appealing to new patients due to the convenience it provides. On-site dispensing is especially appealing to elderly patients and those with less reliable means of transportation.

Better Dosage Control

Instead of providing a patient with a bottle with 100 pills or even a blister pack with a 30-day supply, you can control each patient’s intake by providing them with a weekly or biweekly dose. This is especially important when prescribing controlled substances or other potentially risky medications.

Every package will include accurate labeling, including the expiration date, your patient’s name, and basic medication instructions. It will also include the name and dosage of the medication to help your patients follow the proper protocol.

Why You Should Work With Prepackaged Medication Providers 

When you work with a prepackaged medication provider, you can simplify medication management for both you and your patients. Prepackaged medication is generally sold in one of the following three ways:

  1. On a unit dose basis
  2. On a unit-of-use basis
  3. In the dosage needed for a full course of therapy

By customizing the dosage of medications, providers eliminate the problem of leftover pills. Patients will have precisely the number of doses they need, no more and no less.

Simplified Compliance

Compliance is one of the biggest barriers to creating an in-office dispensing program. Regulations like the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) and the Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA) have added to that challenge. That’s why you need a knowledgeable prepackaged medication dispensing partner who understands the nuances of these regulatory frameworks.

Leading partners like Proficient Rx simplify your compliance journey by providing traceability solutions, FDA-compliant packaging, and high-level support. We simplify the process of implementing an in-office dispensing program so that you can focus on what matters most —patient care.

Reduced Upfront Costs

If you source medication directly from wholesalers and package it in-office, you will incur a plethora of upfront costs. Not only will you have to pay for the medications themselves, but you will also have to bring in additional staff to oversee the packaging process. Additionally, you will need to purchase packaging materials.

Prepacked medication providers like Proficient Rx keep your upfront costs to a minimum via our flexible program. Our Cash and Carry program allows you to pay invoices via distributed repayment terms or using a credit card, thereby reducing your start-up costs.

We also offer free shipping on orders that meet minimum quantity requirements. All clients get access to our web-based dispensing system, which means that you won’t incur any hidden software costs.

Access to Better Tools

Partnering with prepacked medication providers like Proficient Rx also provides you with robust software at no extra charge. Our easy-to-implement solution facilitates inventory tracking, ordering, and distribution of medications.

The Proficient Rx platform also includes label and patient leaflet printing capabilities. When one of your team members pulls up a medication, all of the information they need will be at their fingertips. By consolidating safety, dosage, and usage information, we make in-office dispensing frictionless.

5 Reasons Pre-Packaged Medicines are Safest

  1. Patients Take Medicine as Prescribed
    • Pre-packaged medicines eliminate the guesswork in daily doses. Your patients will be able to tell if they have taken the correct dose, providing safety and reducing the fear of overdose.
  2. Prevents Accidental Overdose
    • With pre-packaged medications, patients don’t have to think about their dose or count how many pills are left in their bottle. This will allow for improved outcomes.
  3. Improves Patient Outcomes
    • Pre-packaged medicines can also eliminate errors with dispensing medicines that sound alike and look alike, improving patient outcome.
  4. Reduces Pharmacist and Doctor Errors
    • There are many medications that sound alike and look alike. When you are busy and in a rush, the two can be mixed up. Pre-packaged medicines can reduce all of the reasons, especially with simply getting them mixed up.
  5. Pre-Packaged Medicines are Becoming Smarter
    • The packaging of medicine is constantly being reviewed and tested and upgraded. Pre-packaged medicines are currently child-resistant and elderly friendly.

Prepackaging, Physician Dispensing, and Medication Adherence

Dispensing medications to patients within the comfort of your office is an excellent way to improve medication adherence and improve the patient experience. To get started, you will need to:

  • If required, contact your state’s Board of Pharmacy and obtain a dispensing license
  • Demonstrate that you meet all regulatory requirements, including the ability to store medications in a secure location
  • Implement protocols for storing and protecting patient data

Once approved, you can connect with an authorized prepacked medication dispensing provider and roll out your program. Patients will be able to fill their prescriptions directly in your office, and your practice will benefit from the complementary revenue stream.

You can also save patients time and money by eliminating their trips to the pharmacy. As the dispenser, you will have the discretion to adjust medication prices, enabling you to provide flexibility to patients facing financial hardships.

Finding the Right Prepackaging Partner for You

Connecting with a prepackaged medication dispensing partner is key to offering on-site medication fulfillment. However, it is vital that you choose the right partner. The ideal partner will prioritize compliance, quality, and efficiency so that you can adequately serve your patients.

At Proficient Rx, we provide pre-packed medication via our facilities accredited by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). We are licensed by the DEA, FDA, and separate state boards of pharmacy. If you want a partner you can count on, Proficient Rx is the perfect fit for your business.

Contact Proficient Rx to learn more about our prepackaged prescriptions and dispensing program today.