When your patients are facing urgent healthcare needs, obtaining the necessary medications should be a frictionless process. 

Requiring patients to pick up their prescriptions from a local pharmacy adds unnecessary barriers to their care journey. It can also reduce medication adherence, especially in cases where patients may have limited access to reliable transportation.

Urgent care medication dispensing alleviates these burdens while improving patient care and compliance. Here is what you need to know about on-site dispensing at urgent care clinics, from how this dispensing method works to what benefits it provides your patients.

What Is Urgent Care Medication Dispensing?

Also known as physician or in-office dispensing, urgent care medication dispensing is the process of providing your patients with prescription meds at the point of care. Instead of having to interact with pharmacists, your patients can obtain prescription medications directly from your office during their urgent care visit.

Offering urgent care medication dispensing improves patient satisfaction and expedites the delivery of care. Your patients will save time during their urgent medical incidents, and you will generate additional revenue for your clinic.

Providing dispensing services on-site is especially beneficial when patients need time-sensitive medications to address a medical condition, such as antibiotics to combat a bacterial infection, or controlled substances to mitigate the pain of a serious injury.

The Importance of Timely Prescriptions in Urgent Care Situations

Time is of the essence during an urgent medical situation. Whether your patient is facing an allergic reaction, sudden pain, or a severe infection, they need prompt access to medication.

Traveling to a retail pharmacy after suffering from a serious illness or injury adds friction to the treatment plan. The likelihood of a pharmacy-related delay is magnified when patients are receiving treatment outside of traditional business hours. 

When urgent care facilities offer on-site medication, they can improve patient compliance and ensure patients get the help they need, fast. By joining the expanding network of urgent care facilities that offer in-office medication dispensing, your clinic can better accommodate patient needs and reduce wait times.

The Advantages of Physician Dispensing in Urgent Care Settings

Urgent care medication dispensing provides many benefits, including:

Immediate Access to Medications

The most obvious benefit of physician dispensing is that you can provide immediate access to medications for your patients. The last thing that your patients want to do after an urgent medical event is spend hours waiting at a retail pharmacy to fill their prescriptions. When you fill orders in-house, they won’t have to.

You can simply query the needed medication from your dispensing system, print required safety labels, and provide patients with detailed usage information, all under one roof. Your patients won’t have to make any extra trips to the pharmacy and can instead start their road to recovery right away.

Convenience for Patients

Physician dispensing makes the urgent care journey far more convenient for your patients. They can avoid the tedious process of picking up prescriptions from their retail pharmacy and simply pick up their medications from your clinic. This reduces stress on your patients and lets them focus on their recovery.

With this system, patients don’t have to worry about issues like supply shortages or the pharmacy not receiving their orders. You can ensure medication is in stock before prescribing it to patients.

Enhanced Patient Safety

Despite your best efforts, miscommunication between your staff and the retail pharmacy can occur. When this happens, patients can receive the wrong meds or have to follow up with your office to get the issue sorted out.

Miscommunications disrupt your workflows and lead to frustrated patients. When you handle everything in-house, your team can ensure that patients get the right medications. If the dispensing team member has a question about an order, they can simply walk down the hall and verify it with healthcare providers.

Increased Revenue

Expanding the scope of your services with on-site dispensing creates a supplemental revenue stream for your business. You can render high-quality urgent care and fill prescriptions all in one location.

Additionally, strengthening your revenue with an urgent care medication dispensing program promotes business continuity and empowers you to optimize the care journey. You can offer walk-in cash pay options or seek reimbursement from insurance companies to further maximize your revenue stream.

The Positive Impact of Physician Dispensing on Patient Outcomes

Physician dispensing can have a positive impact on patient outcomes in a variety of ways, including:

Improved Medication Adherence

Dispensing medications at urgent care centers positively impacts patient outcomes and compliance. Patients can receive immediate counseling regarding medication usage and potential side effects.

By communicating directly with your patients, you can improve their understanding of the importance of medication adherence. For instance, you can reiterate the importance of completing an entire antibiotic treatment protocol or ensure they know how frequently to take their prescribed medication.

Reduced Hospital Readmissions

This system enables you to provide your patients with prompt access to necessary medications and reduce emergency room visits and readmission rates. This is because patients are more likely to follow through with medication protocols when you provide prescriptions on-site.

Taking a proactive approach to patient care promotes continuity of care and helps patients enjoy a more efficient recovery.

Expedited Delivery of Care

Time is critical when managing patients’ pain levels or addressing serious infections. The sooner you can get patients started on necessary medications, the better their chances of making an expedient recovery.

On-site medication distribution can eliminate hours of wait time and ensure patients get the medications they need on the day of treatment.

The Future of Urgent Care Prescriptions and Physician Dispensing

Physician dispensing is already a proven component of the urgent care framework. As additional urgent care facilities embrace this on-site dispensing strategy, patient care will improve significantly. By reducing wait times and providing a convenient delivery mechanism, in-house dispensing can improve outcomes and overall quality of care.

Web-based software will play a key role in the continued adoption of urgent care prescription dispensing programs. Solutions such as those offered by Proficient Rx can help simplify your in-office dispensing program while ensuring compliance with relevant regulatory frameworks.

At Proficient Rx, we provide repacked medications that provide you with optimal control over patient dosages. All medications are packed in FDA-compliant facilities to maximize safety and convenience.

Is Urgent Care Prescription Dispensing the Right Approach for You?

Urgent care medication dispensing is a good fit for many urgent care facilities and free-standing emergency rooms. Like most urgent care clinics, your facility likely issues dozens of prescriptions daily.

By deviating from the traditional pharmaceutical model and transitioning to on-site dispensing, you can expedite care delivery and strengthen your revenue streams.

Connecting with a reputable repacked medication provider, such as Proficient Rx, can help you determine whether on-site dispensing is a good fit for your business,

Facilitate Urgent Care Medication Dispensing With Proficient Rx

If you want to offer urgent care prescription dispensing, it is critical that you choose a reputable repackaged medication provider. A partner like Proficient Rx will support your FDA compliance journey and provide safe, quality-controlled prepackaged medications.

We have low-cost start-up programs to minimize your upfront investment and a web-based dispensing solution that is available at zero additional charge. Contact Proficient Rx today to learn more about our urgent care medication dispensing programs.