In-office drug packaging and direct dispensing services are becoming more popular. More and more practices are turning towards in-office drug dispensing as an alternative service to improve revenue and provide patients with ways to circumvent the trip to the pharmacy or supplement their choice of medication provider. 

Convenience is another great argument: direct physician dispensing allows patients to turn to their doctors for diagnosis and treatment alike and reduce healthcare barriers that may be contributing to treatment non-adherence

But for many practices, inefficiencies and common mistakes are holding them back. There is more to managing an in-office dispensing system than receiving the prerequisite permissions and stocking up on over-the-counter medication. Here are a few key considerations to improve your customer service and patient care alike. 


Patient Privacy is Key

More than HIPAA compliance, patient privacy is at the heart of a good patient-doctor relationship. You need trust – and you need the positive reputation that comes from being someone patients can routinely trust, whether it’s trusting that their information is kept safe and confidential, or trusting in your capabilities and records as a physician. 

When dispensing medication, patient privacy can be a determining factor for the success of your operation. Make sure that your dispensing environment is blocked off from onlookers, and that your supplies are kept safe and out of reach. Keep all physical patient information in a secure filing system and utilize encrypted file management systems for digital copies. 

Provide patients with ample time and room to ask questions – one of the distinct advantages of an in-office dispensing system is that patients are given the opportunity to further discuss their treatment or specific medications with doctors in the privacy of their office, away from the prying eyes that they might worry about at a big box pharmacy’s counter. 


The Importance of Proper Labeling

Some in-office dispensing systems come with automated label printing software, simply requiring a printer and internet connection to create safe and accurate labels, free from human error


Don’t Do It Alone

There are different state registrations and requirements. In fact, some states do not allow direct physician dispensing to begin with. 

A dedicated partner can help you figure out what the path towards point-of-care dispensing might entail, and how dispensing solutions might enable you to better serve your community. 

Furthermore, finding ways to source medication can be a great challenge. Sometimes, negotiating with drug manufacturers themselves isn’t an option, especially if you are a smaller practice, and have no need, nor the legal or medical basis for large-scale drug orders. 

Buying medication at retail prices, then repackaging or reselling it either at a loss or at a much higher markup defeats the purpose of providing in-office dispensing services to begin with, as many patients will think twice about tolerating much higher drug costs for the convenience of in-office dispensing; alternatively, selling medication at a loss will make this new service unfeasibly expensive over time. 

A partner business that can source and repackage pharmaceuticals at a fairer price can turn in-office dispensing into a viable alternative for you and your patients. 


Provide Medication Counseling

It’s one thing to tell your patients what they need to take and when, but it’s another to tell them why, and give yourself the opportunity to answer any questions they might have. 

Take advantage of the privacy of your office to ensure that your patients understand how and why they should take their medication, as well as double-check their medical history and current medications to avoid complications. 


Reputation is Everything

Your reputation as a clinic, practice, or hospital is an indication of the quality of your patient care, customer service, and abilities as a medical professional as well as a member of the service industry. In-office dispensing solutions allow you to take your practice’s capabilities to the next level, without impeding your ability to care for your patients. 


Go Digital

Physical paperwork may have its charms, but when it comes to convenience and speed, nothing beats a digital system. 

In-office dispensing can be done entirely via analog means, but it is highly recommended to automate as much of the process as possible to minimize errors, and maximize the amount of time you can spend advising patients, running diagnostic tests, and applying treatments. 


Update Your Dispensing Standards

As technology improves, so will dispensing methods and standards. Don’t get stuck in the past; move with the times. Keep an eye on developing technologies and methods for improving patient convenience and patient care


Drug Packaging: Why You Should Work with Us

Our dispensing software is entirely HIPAA-compliant, allowing you to safely store and manage client information, schedule follow-up appointments, manage current drug inventories, request or order new medication and other medical supplies, and procure specialized prepackaged medication, all from the comfort of your office. 

No need for local installations or long updating processes. Our software solution is entirely cloud-based, which means you can access it from any device in your practice with the proper credentials. Proficient Rx works with clients to set up an automated drug dispensing process within the comfort and safety of their practice, utilizing a turn-key and encrypted online portal, and state-of-the-art drug repackaging facilities. Our facilities and services are FDA registered and NABP-accredited. Get in touch today to find out more.