Find Pharmaceutical Repackagers for your practice to help your patients and your practice. There are many benefits and reasons to consider this option for your practice.

Nearly 70 percent of American adults are on at least one prescription drug. Medication is almost ubiquitous in this country, and the production of pharmaceuticals is crucial to the continued wellbeing of hundreds of millions of people across the world.  

Yet there are a lot of logistical problems to tackle in the field of pharmaceuticals, especially in the storage and use of large wholesale quantities of drugs. How do you:

  • Prevent large doses from going bad?
  • Easily control how much a patient takes?
  • Help patients who have difficulty keeping track of their meds ensure treatment adherence?   
  • Address the patient safety concerns posed by drugs packaged and sold in large quantities, especially when patients only need a handful over multiple weeks?

This is where pharmaceutical repackaging steps in to fill a crucial niche for private practices, urgent care clinics, and hospitals alike.   

A pharmaceutical repackaging company specializes in providing access to an individualized product line. They are affiliated practices and clinics can, in turn, offer to their patients. This means less drug waste, less drug abuse, less drug non-adherence, better prices for patients, better profits for doctors, and improved outcomes all around.  

What is Pharmaceutical Repackaging? 

The FDA strictly defines pharmaceutical repackaging as the act of taking a pharmaceutical product – usually a prescription drug – from its original packaging and placing it within a different packaging without further manipulating or otherwise altering the drug. 

According to the FDA, pharmaceutical packaging is not when a pharmacy takes a pill out of its package to place within a prescription vial for a patient, and it is not when a doctor opens a package of medication to administer to their patient at the point of care and gives them a few to take home. 

Furthermore, pharmaceutical repackaging does not involve the manipulation or alteration of a drug in any way. That means pharmaceutical repackaging companies simply buy pharmaceutical products in large quantities, store them in a sterile environment, and ultimately repackage them in unit-dose quantities, or personalized per-patient packaging.  

Why Choose Repackaged Medication?  

The FDA notes that repackaged medication has the following advantages: 

  • It can be beneficial for pediatric or ophthalmic patients.  
  • It is beneficial for patients who require smaller doses than commercially available.  
  • Pharmaceutical repackaging reduces medication errors.  
  • Repackaging reduces the availability of addictive prescription drugs.  
  • Pharmaceutical repackaging cuts down on drug waste  
  • It allows for a reduction in costs to both the practice as a business and to the customer/patient. 

Therefore, it is crucial to find pharmaceutical repackagers. As a healthcare provider, you need a repackaging partner you can rely on. Find a provider who focuses on quality and ensures that every dose is stored and kept to maximize the efficacy and shelf life of the drug. It features a controlled environment that eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination or drug degradation.   

Let’s look at a few different ways to find the right pharmaceutical repackaging partner for your business.  

Accreditations and Certifications 

Accreditation and continuously updated industry standards are crucial. Most pharmaceutical repackaging facilities must follow stringent guidelines to ensure a quality product. 

When looking through viable candidates, ensure that they are fully accredited by their state department of health, the local board of pharmacy, the FDA, the DEA, and the NAPB, and look out for quality control and patient safety assurances, such as DSCSA compliance, cGMP compliance, and a strict climate-controlled environment.  

A State-of-the-Art Facility  

Automated bottle filling. Automatic capping. Precision labeling. Electronic laser pill counters. Automated environmental controls. A track and trace program. These are just a few prerequisites for a modern pharmaceutical repackaging facility.  

A Strong Reputation 

Credentials and proper accreditation are one thing, but a good reputation within the industry is just as important. Ensure that your potential partner in pharmaceutical repackaging is known for swift customer support, consistent communication, and high quality assurances. 

A Reliable Online Platform 

Digitalization is crucial, especially in the pharmaceutical era. Find pharmaceutical repackagers that prioritize convenience, automation, and computer-controlled precision. Why handle the paperwork manually and add to your staff’s workload with additional communications between your practice and the repackaging facility?

The Right Price

Last but not least, the price matters. Quality is essential, but you can’t offer a service you can’t afford to implement, and if it’s unaffordable to the practice, it’s unaffordable to the patient.  

Patients currently value convenience and price over quality of care. While that is no invitation to reduce the quality of care in any shape or form, it does mean that the average healthcare practice must find ways to remain profitable, which can be difficult during times of crisis.   

Thankfully, fair pricing helps pharmaceutical repackaging become a boon to patient safety and better outcomes. It also allows practices to gain access to an additional revenue stream through a direct point of care dispensing. 

Where to Find Pharmaceutical Repackagers

Here at Proficient Rx, we provide our clients with top-of-the-line repackaged branded and generic prescription and over-the-counter medication and select other medical supplies.  

We enable smooth service through our web-based dispensing platform, which immediately helps clinics and private practices. Customize orders, manage inventory, keep track of patient information, print labels at the point of care. Through an easy-to-understand plug-and-play direct dispensing management system, you can also improve patient care. 

We maintain one of the industry’s most stringent regulatory control programs, and quality is our maxim.