How Doctor Dispensing Works

We can handle any size, volume or practice size and offer prepackaged medications for a variety of doctor dispensing programs.

Whether you are an on-site clinic, an urgent care clinic, hospital, physician practice or work comp clinic, Proficient Rx can meet your prepackaged pharmaceutical needs. We can handle any size, volume or practice size and offer prepackaged medications for a variety of doctor dispensing programs. We have made every effort to ensure that our in office dispensing program is easy to set up and easy to use. In most states, properly licensed healthcare providers can quickly and easily implement our doctor dispensing program.

How Does the Process of Direct Doctor Dispensing to Patients work?

With the right licensing, an internet connection, a printer and our doctor dispensing program, your healthcare practice could be improving patient care in a very short time.

At Proficient RX, we have a goal of making your job easier. We want to streamline the paperwork, calls, faxes and emails so you can spend more time focusing on patient care. By customizing our prescription dispensing program to meet the needs of your practice, we can reach that goal.

Our web based dispensing system is offered to you at no extra charge. With just the click of a few buttons, you can have access to a full line of brand or generic prepackaged medications. You can even order prepackaged vitamins, nutraceuticals, and durable medical equipment. Being able to provide these items to your patients at the point of care will greatly improve patient satisfaction.

Doctor dispensing is simple for medical professionals. It only takes a few steps to complete the process of dispensing prescriptions. Just enter the patient information into the software, select the medication to prescribe, confirm your choice, and you’re ready to go. Print a label that you can adhere to the prescription and give the medication directly to the patient.

In just minutes, your patients will have the medication necessary to improve their health.

When your inventory needs to be replaced, you can place your order online. Proficient Rx will do the rest. We fill your order quickly and ship it to you with care and added security. Our packaging is tamper proof and has protective barcoding. You can store your prepackaged medicines in one of our double locked boxes that meet regulations set forth by the FDA.

We want to help you customize your doctor dispensing program to fit your needs. You may opt for our cash-and-carry program. Through this program you maintain a smaller stock of the most commonly prescribed medicines. A two-week supply is typically kept but you can customize the amount based on your patients needs.

You may also want to implement our work comp dispensing program. We do all the work for you, even billing and collections. This allows you more time to focus on caring for your patients with personal injuries. Through this program we offer guaranteed payment when we accept the claim from your office. Meaning, you get paid whether we collect or not. As an added benefit, you can receive medications for your patients on consignment.

For your work comp patients, we can offer a durable medical equipment dispensing program for those needing braces, crutches, wheelchairs and other supportive devices.

You may also choose to dispense injection kits, DNA kits and cream kits. All the options listed are available as part of our services.
Providing doctor dispensing offers a safe and confidential way to help patients comply with treatment recommendations. Its simplicity affords you higher productivity and patient satisfaction.

You are given access to live technical support that can assist you in set-up or day to day operations. However, most practices are trained and operational in under an hour. In this brief period, you are connected to your patient database. You will also be able to check for medication interactions and allergies.

With in office dispensing programs, you can access education materials, print and give them to your patients. Materials such as these are easy to read and understand. Furthermore, you can quickly print labels with all pertinent information, from warnings to physician contact information.

Whether you own a small private practice or a multi-physician group, we have the doctor dispensing program to meet your needs. You will find our programs offer exceptional function and quality. We make extreme efforts to provide you with an easy to set up, easy to use program. We can give you a doctor dispensing program that will help you increase your productivity, patient satisfaction and revenue.

Healthcare providers can dispense in just a few quick steps:
  • Enter the patient information
  • Select medication(s) for the patient
  • Confirm prescription(s) & instructions
  • Click the dispense button & the label(s) will print
  • Place the patient label(s) on the bottle(s) with the expiration date showing
  • Give the prepackaged medication(s) & Patient Advisory Leaflet (PAL) to patient
Benefits for the Patient
  • Unparalleled live customer support
  • Full line of prepackaged pharmaceutical products, including brand, generic & over-the-counter products
  • Reliable on time delivery options to meet your needs
  • Online ordering & inventory management capabilities
  • Tamper evident packaging & 3D barcoding
Licensed healthcare providers dispensing requirements (most states):
  • Current Medical & DEA licensing with matching addresses to ship address
  • Internet connection
  • Dedicated paper tray on any ink-jet or laser printer
  • Bar code scanner (optional)

Proficient Rx provides its customers with a number of additional products and services that allow the healthcare provider to effortlessly implement and utilize our doctor dispensing program.

To find out how in-office dispensing can work for your practice, contact us here or call us at 800-787-7824

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