Going to the pharmacy to have a prescription filled is not something your patients enjoy. They wait in long lines next to individuals with potentially contagious illnesses. They risk pharmacy errors and lack of confidentiality. And to top it off, they are surrounded by thousands of non-pharmaceutical products luring them to make unnecessary purchases. This leads to the first reason doctor dispensing is better than a pharmacy, no upselling.

No Upselling

Many pharmacies are set up to make money on products other than a prescription. Today, pharmacies sell cosmetics, school supplies and even groceries. There is constant temptation placed on the patient to make impulse purchases while waiting on a prescription.

These impulse buys for items they don’t need are costing your patients money and pharmacies know this. Pharmacies implement product placement strategies to attract your patients to products they do not need.

Improved Education

Your patients rarely receive quality education from a pharmacist. It is not that the pharmacist isn’t able to educate your patient, it is that the patient doesn’t always ask for it. There are several reasons patients do not seek education from a pharmacist about their medication.

They are in a hurry. Patients tell themselves they will read the brochure or google information when they get home. Also, patients notice the pharmacist is busy. They ask patients if they have questions or need education, but you can see in their eyes they really do not have the time.

Furthermore, patients get embarrassed. They do not want all the other patients waiting in line to hear what medicines they are on and how to use them.

With doctor dispensing, patients can receive demonstrations and assistance in learning how to use medications.

Confidential Service

It’s awkward. Waiting in a long line for your name to be called. You approach the pharmacy tech who then calls out your medicine to verify which prescription you are picking up. They then have you verify your birthday, name and other personal information out loud in front of everyone.

This is not the service your patients want. Instead, they want to be given their prescription medication in a private environment. They want to ask questions and gather information. However, they want to do so without others listening in.

Doctor dispensing allows the patient to feel comfortable when asking the staff and the doctor for important feedback on their medications.

Improved Safety

Pharmacist errors are on the rise. This may be because more people are being treated with prescription medications. This may also be because pharmacists and technicians are overwhelmed with the number of orders they receive each day.

It is easier than you think for prescriptions to get mixed up. Too many times, patients are given the wrong prescriptions. Or, they are given the right medicine with the wrong dosage.

Errors such as these can be fatal.

Doctor dispensing avoids such errors because you are only serving your patients. The software included with point of care dispensing keeps track of patients and medications to ensure no mix-ups.

Doctor Dispensing Saves Time

One of the best reasons doctor dispensing is better than a pharmacy is the time it saves both you and your patients.

It is not unusual for a patient to wait an hour or longer for a prescription to be filled. Depending on the day, it could be several hours or more. Patients want to feel better fast. With doctor dispensing, patients can receive their medication immediately.

For some, that means immediate relief.

Doctor dispensing saves you time because you no longer need to fax or email or call back and forth with the pharmacy. Your staff is free to focus on patient care rather than communication with the pharmacy.

Increased Revenue for You

Ancillary services such as point of care dispensing makes it easier for you to increase revenue. You can mark up the cost of medicines while still being fair to your patients. You do not have to mark them up as much as a pharmacy might.

Dispensing medicines can lead to dispensing other items such as durable medical equipment. Patients need equipment just as much as they need medicine. From canes and walkers to diabetic supplies. If you are dispensing these items, you can make additional revenue.

These are just a few of the reasons doctor dispensing is better than a pharmacy. Your patients are your main concern. Without them, your practice would not be successful. Providing them with helpful services will keep them loyal to you and will keep your business thriving.