Our Mission Statement

To continue to be an industry leader in repackaged medications, by creating long term relationships with our clients and maintaining an environment of unparalleled service and expertise.

Excellence in all areas of business is what we strive for. Our constant commitment to quality and service is demonstrated through the integration of progressive systems which are designed to give our clients a Gold Standard experience they never forget. Proficient Rx’s quality of its repackaged medications, dedication to its customers, and reputation in the marketplace is a vision that all of our employees share.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide medical practices with simple and efficient means for ordering and dispensing repackaged medications and ensuring compliance through the process.

Our goal is to be the industry leader in providing Physicians, Dentists, Workers’ Compensation Clinics, Urgent Care Clinics, as well as other medical practices with an easier way to dispense medications directly to the patients that need them. Proficient Rx is a veteran owned state-of-the-art pharmaceutical repackager located in beautiful Thousand Oaks, California. Proficient Rx’s management team has over 50 years of experience in creating, producing and distributing pharmaceuticals, point-of-care medication and technological dispensing programs for virtually every type of medical professional, community clinic, managed care organization and hospital organization that wants in office dispensing.

The management team at Proficient Rx has been in the pharmaceutical business for over 50 years. We create our repackaged medications in our fully licensed pharmaceutical repackaging facility. Our facility is VAWD accredited and certified with DEA, FDA and State Boards of Pharmacy.

Proficient Rx maintains one of the most stringent and respected regulatory control programs in the industry. We work with healthcare providers across the country that experience great success with our dispensing program.

For more detailed information about our in-office dispensing solutions, contact us or call us 800-787-7824.

Repackaged Medications Company: What We Do

Proficient Rx is not out to sell a product. We are focused on building long-term relationships with our customers. We want to spend quality time developing programs that match the needs of your healthcare practice.

Customization is key. We recognize the needs among licensed practitioners will vary. It is our goal to provide your office with specialized solutions that will meet the requirements of your staff and your patients. Whether you are a dentist, ortho, urgent care physician, pain management, psychiatrist or a family physician, we can create the right solution for your pharmaceutical needs.

In creating a custom program, we listen to your needs. Our team of pharmaceutical experts, with over 50 years of combined experience, works with you to meet those needs.

Not only can we supply your repackaged medications needs, we can also supply your practice with durable medical equipment, injection kits and custom worker’s compensation dispensing programs. With this program, we will file the claims and work with the insurance companies for you.

As a professional repackaged medications company & distributer, we have many goals for our customers. We want you to enjoy high productivity while simplifying your job so that you can spend more time caring for patients and less time communicating with pharmacies. Your time is valuable. Our programs have been proven to give medical professionals back the time they need to run a successful practice.

Proficient Rx’s goal is to help all healthcare practitioners to make more money. Our in office dispensing program is one way to make this happen. Ancillary services are becoming popular in the medical field due to their ability to increase revenue without a lot of extra work. And with the added benefit of our web based system software, dispensing is efficient and effective.

We want you to stand out from the crowd. With our help, your practice can be a leader in the community by providing cutting edge techniques that benefit your patients. Not many other facilities are utilizing such methods. You could be one of the first in your community to provide a needed convenience for your patients.

Another goal we have is to improve patient satisfaction within medical practices. We do this by helping you provide point of care prescriptions which saves time and money for your patients while also making you able to offer more affordable repackaged medications and help you adhere to confidentiality laws. All of these things are greatly appreciated by your patients.

The health of your patients is important to Proficient Rx. We developed our repackaged medications and dispensing programs with that in mind. The sooner a patient can begin treatment, the sooner they get better. Patient compliance with medication is increased when they receive repackaged medications directly from their physician.

When patients are compliant, their health will improve. Being able to increase patient compliance and better outcomes is an asset to your treatment program.

If you are considering adding a dispensary program, you can feel confident in utilizing our services. Not only do we simplify the process, our prepackaged medication is of the highest quality and our expertise is unmatched.

We adhere to strict regulations set forth by the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Food and Drug Administration. We comply with laws in each State, and we are licensed through the California Board of Pharmacy as well as the California Department of Health.

Proficient Rx is proud to be accredited through the Verified Accredited Wholesale Distributors (VAWD) administered by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). This means we pass on-site compliance reviews related to our security practices. We are also proud to consistently pass the Federal Drug Administration reviews of Current Good Manufacturing Practice inspections as well as regular compliance, regular security practices, and DEA audits. Through these it is confirmed that we provide excellent quality, monitoring and control of our facilities.

Our facilities are pristine and well secured. With surveillance and 24-hour security, your repackaged medications are protected always. Every day we record principal factors such as temperature, humidity and cleanliness. We pride ourselves on how well our equipment is maintained after each batch of repackaged medications are created.

We invite you to learn more about our company and how we can create a customized solution for your pharmaceutical needs today.