Prepackaged Meds – Cash & Carry Dispensing

Practices maintain inventory of their most commonly prescribed prepackaged meds; typically purchasing no more than a two week supply.

Rather than writing a script for the medications needed and the patient having the script filled at their local pharmacy; the practice can now offer its patients the prepackaged meds on site. In office dispensing saves your patients time and an extra trip to the pharmacy. The medication is dispensed through our web based dispensing system which is provided at no charge. The patient pays for the medications received; there is no need to adjudicate and bill the insurance carrier. Typically, the pricing of the prepackaged meds dispensed to the patient is comparable to the price they would pay at their local pharmacy.
  • Prepackaged Meds Dispensing | Proficient Rx


  • Prepackaged Meds Dispensing | Proficient Rx


  • Prepackaged Meds Dispensing | Proficient Rx


  • Prepackaged Meds Dispensing | Proficient Rx


Our In Office Dispensing Services:
  • We Provide Prepackaged Brand and Generic Medications
  • Flexible Formularies
  • User Friendly Web Based Dispensing System
  • Live Customer Service Support & Training
  • Maintain Product Compliance in Accordance with DEA, FDA, State Boards of Pharmacy Agencies
Benefits for the Practice
  • Improved Patient Care
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Increased Revenue
  • Fully HIPAA Compliant
Benefits for the Patient
  • Affordable Convenience
  • Immediate Compliance
  • Improved Outcomes