Prepackaged Medication

Proficient Rx offers point-of-care prepackaged medication and dispensing programs for virtually every type of licensed healthcare provider.

As part of our dispensing program, we prepackage, label, and distribute in office dispensing ready medications directly to the practice/clinic. Proficient Rx provides the highest quality, FDA approved prepackaged medication in “unit-of-use” quantities as requested by the physician. We repackage all of our pharmaceuticals in our VAWD accredited, DEA and FDA approved facility. Every product distributed by Proficient Rx follows an 18-step quality control process to ensure quality, purity, safety, and traceability. We have multiple production rooms with the ability to package all legend drugs and controlled substances, brand and generic: Schedules 2, 3, 3N, 4 and 5, as well as OTCs, vitamins and nutraceutical products into prepackaged medication ready to dispense.

Products and Common types of Prepackaged Medication

Prepackaged Medication is about the process, quality and ease of use and benefits to the practice and patient…
The process of obtaining prepackaged medications is made easy using our standard operating practices. From start to finish, we streamline each step, from the purchase of packaging and serialized labels to delivery of the medicine to the patient.

We value the role of physicians, however. Medical practitioners remain in control of the prescriptions while we simplify the process of dispensing. For example, our unit of use prepackaged medication contains the specific quantity requested by the physician versus receiving a brand of medicine in bulk.

Practitioners can choose the quantity of the prepackaged medicines, as well as the type of packaging and the form in which the medicine is delivered. Forms can range from gel caps to liquid. Doctors can also receive their choice of brand or generic types of most any medicine on the market, including controlled substances, vitamins and nutraceuticals.

After placing an order for prescriptions, our qualified pharmaceutical staff begins creating the unit of use packaging for each prescription ordered.

Our quick turnaround process means orders are delivered swiftly and safely to the medical practice.

With our unit of use packaging, medical professionals will only have a few steps to complete when filling a prescription. It is as simple as entering the patient information and medication you’re prescribing to get the finalized label for the medicine. After adhering the label to the bottle or box, the last step is to give the prepackaged medication to the patient.

Medical staff will find inventory control, entering patient information, and reordering prepackaged medicines simple with the use of our dispensing interface. The web based dispensing system can also manage patient records and monitor controlled substance reporting. It does all of this while maintaining strict patient confidentiality.

The prepackaged medication capabilities we provide are designed to give medical professionals more time to focus on patient care. Medical staff can see an increase in revenue using this ancillary service, without the need to raise patient load.

Your medical practice can expect patient satisfaction to increase. Your patients will notice a difference in the care provided, improving retention rates.

Patients appreciate the time in office dispensing saves them by avoiding a trip to the pharmacy. They also appreciate being able to begin treatment at the point of care.

Many times, patients prolong starting treatments due to the hassles they face in obtaining prescriptions. By providing immediate treatment at the point of care, patient compliance can improve. Medical professionals can better monitor compliance and measure patient health outcomes using a prepackaged medication dispensing program.

Our licensed pharmaceutical staff follows strict process controls and makes every effort to provide prepackaged medicine of the highest quality for patients. Both medical staff and patients are pleased when receiving prepackaged medication that is not crushed, broken or bonded together.

Instead, prepackaged medicines arrive intact and with easy to understand instructions.

Our facilities are Verified Accredited Wholesale Distributors. Meaning, our prepackaged medication sites pass multiple compliance reviews that verify our use of security and best practices for safe distribution.

We follow strict Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations enforced by the Food and Drug Administration. To comply, our technologies are verified up-to-date and functioning properly. Our practices ensure prepackaged medications are safe, pure and tamper resistant.

Our state of the art processing methods make prepackaging medications efficient while at the same time, reducing unintentional human errors.

Our goal of providing medical practices with cost-effective solutions for accurately prescribing medicines  via prepackaged medication is now a reality. Choosing Proficient Rx means you are building a relationship with a trustworthy company that strives for excellence.

We have used our fifty years of pharmaceutical experience to become a leader in the prepackaged medication industry. We make medical organizations of all types our priority by providing beneficial point of care medication and easy to use dispensing programs.

Product Categories:

Branded legend, Rx Tabs, Caps, Unit dose, Creams, Ointments

Generic legend, Rx Tabs, Caps, Unit dose, Creams, Ointments

Prepackaged Medication | Proficient Rx
Some Product Classes include:
  • Analgesics
  • Anti-Anxiety
  • Antibiotics
  • Anti-Depressants
  • Anti-Diabetic
  • Anti-Histamines
  • Anti-Hypertensive
  • Blood Pressure
  • Contraceptives
  • Corticosteroids
  • Decongestant
  • Dermatologicals
  • Dietaries
  • GI-PPI
  • Injectables
  • Muscle Relaxants
  • Neuro/Pain
  • Opthalmics
  • Respiratory