Curbing Opiate Addiction Through In-Office Dispensing and Other Strategies

Even as opiate medications have received increased scrutiny from legislators, health care workers, and patient advocacy groups this drug class remains one of the most effective at treating acute and chronic pain. Emerging research suggests that physicians must take an increasingly central role in the long-term use of these drugs in order to check the development of addiction in patients.... Read more

Replacing Opiates with Antidepressants to Successfully Treat Nerve Pain

Patients who suffer from Neuropathic pain, or pain that results from nerve damage often look far and wide for effective pain relief. This is because the pain can quickly become a person's main focus, replacing anything else the mind typically focuses on. Nerve pain is typically a result of some type of tissue injury which causes damage to a person's nerves. ... Read more

5 Ways Patients Benefit From In-Office Dispensing

The decision to offer in-office dispensing at your practice is something that may take some planning, research and consideration. At first glance, some physicians may think that the amount of work that is necessary to qualify is not worth the benefits. However, by looking at some of the benefits to patients, they may be able to see that this move will not only be beneficial for business, ... Read more
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