Medication dispensing is not to be confused with medication prescription. A pharmacy dispenses medication – but so can certain qualified physicians, if allowed through state law and the local Board of Pharmacy.

Medication dispensing, in-office dispensing, or physician dispensing is the practice of selling prescription medication at the point of care – when a practicing physician both prescribes and sells a medication their patient needs during the very same appointment.

Medication dispensing is not a given in most states. Giving a patient a sample does not amount to medication dispensing, either. There are requirements to fulfill before a practicing physician can dispense more than an emergency amount of medication for their patient’s care.

For patients – especially workers – the benefits of medication dispensing are immediately obvious. Your mandated doctor’s appointment becomes your one-stop-shop for treatment – you receive immediate care, a thorough assessment, a prognosis, a prescription, and your first dose, all without the need to schedule further appointments or go to a pharmacist. This massively cuts down on time spent getting treatment and can make it much easier for workers to get the care they need.

Medication dispensing also gives physicians an immediate opportunity to discuss treatment options with their patients, provide more direct instructions, field any concerns, answer frequently asked questions, and save time spent communicating with pharmacies to ensure that they have certain prescription medications available.

Furthermore, physicians can immediately schedule a follow-up appointment or call, knowing that their patients assuredly have the medication they need, rather than needing to check up with the pharmacist to ask if their patient came by later that day or week.

For employers, the benefits of electing a workers’ comp program that incorporates medication dispensing are apparent as well. Faster, more efficient patient care and greater patient satisfaction means their workers are more likely to get the care they need, and they’re getting it quickly. That means better odds of a quick recovery, and greater long-term employee productivity – and satisfaction.


Benefits of Medication Dispensing for Workers’ Comp

At the end of the day, it’s all about cutting through barriers to care. Medication dispensing makes getting treatment as straightforward as possible. Get hurt, go to the doctor, get immediate treatment and the medication you need, alongside strict and personalized instructions on how to take it.

Given the privacy of a doctor’s office over the open counter of a big box pharmacy, patients are also given additional opportunity to talk to their dispensing physician about their prognosis and treatment plan, as well as what to expect from their medication – from potential side effects to dosage questions, contraindications, and more.

Some patients feel more comfortable discussing their health and asking medication-related questions with their doctor than a pharmacist, or simply relish the privacy of a doctor’s office or examination room when talking about their healthcare.

Medication dispensing provides an array of benefits to everyone involved in the process of providing workers’ compensation:

  • for patients – lower barrier of entry to care, greater patient satisfaction, reduced waiting times, no travel time, no uncertainty regarding stocks or refills, and greater understanding of their medication and treatment process.
  • for employers – workers get treatment quicker, are more likely to continue and complete their treatment regimen, have higher medication adherence, and may be back to work sooner.
  • for medical practices – greater influx of patients through workers’ comp programs and additional revenue from medication dispensing can help doctors keep their practice afloat and continue to serve the community.


Work With Us

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With over 50 years of service, Proficient Rx is a reliable partner in medication dispensing. Our medication dispensing services are offered via a turnkey web-based portal, giving registered and accredited physicians access to their very own platform for managing current inventory, examining patient records, ordering new medications, printing labels, and keeping a track of all incoming and previous orders. Get started with us today.